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the ridge lots at sundance preserve

Sundance is a mixture of old and new, lush and spare, sophisticated and primitive

- like art itself.

- Robert Redford


Join us in preserving and enhancing the legacy of this remarkable place.


The Ridge Lots at Sundance Preserve embody the culturally vibrant and environmentally oriented sprit of Sundance—made special by the mountains, recreation, art, and the simple philosophy of living in balance with the land. The Ridge Lots are the last of single family lots offering ski-to/ski-from at Sundance.


In 1969, the legacy of Sundance began when Robert Redford bought several hundred acres of the North Fork of Provo Canyon to protect it from indiscriminate development. He purchased those lands with a desire to preserve the natural splendor of the area and develop a small, sustainable community for nature and the arts.


Sundance Preserve continues that legacy. The Preserve is not an exclusive enclave for a privileged few. Rather, it is a diverse mountain community with common goals of land conservation, cultural expression, and outdoor recreation. This community includes residents, artists, the Sundance Institute, the Redford family and lodging guests.


We envision a future in which all of our activities will be guided by a deep and abiding appreciation for the glorious natural environment that surrounds us; a future enhanced by the zestful pursuit of outdoor recreation and the diverse cultural activities that make the Sundance experience unique.


Our hope is that participants in the Sundance Preserve will actively engage in this exciting new concept, enriching this community for generations to come.



Available Homesites
Two Homesites Remaining

As of , all sites have been sold

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