Will my cell phone work at Sundance?

The only reliable and consistent cell service is from AT&T as there is a cell tower on the top of Sundance mountain. All other cellular services are spotty.

What is the dress code at Sundance?

Resort/business casual is appropriate dress in all areas of the resort, including the Tree Room. Most important is appropriate mountain footwear; leave your heels and Florsheims at home.

What is the weather like?

Click to view temperature and rainfall chart

What is the best way to get to/from the airport?

Sundance recommends using Premier Transportation or rental car. For more information, please see Transportation Options in our About section.

When is it the busiest at Sundance/What is your peak season?

Surprisingly to some, summer is our peak season. We are a ski resort with
fabulous winter recreation, but summer at Sundance is something to be is fall, spring and winter.

Isn’t Utah a dry state? Can I get a drink?

Utah isn’t as dry as you might think even though it’s the desert. Sundance has liquor licenses that allow us to host private bar functions. Sundance also has its very own bar, the historic Owl Bar. The Tree Room has one of the best wine lists in the state and the Foundry Grill also offers a full wine list and bar menu. Beer is available at the Deli.