meet the team

Shannon Finch

Woody & Angus


John "Woody" Woodruff and Angus, a Black Labrador Retriever, completed their first WBR level A test in March 2010. Angus and John have attended dog schools at Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, Park City, Canyons, Deer Valley, Steven's Pass Washington, and Andermatt Switzerland. Angus loves his time on the mountain and has an extremely high drive and single mindedness when it comes to avalanche search work. Angus is a very social dog, unless he is out searching, then his sole focus is finding the buried person so he can play with his favorite toy. Look for Angus running down the mountain or riding the chair lift next time you visit. John Woodruff has been on the Sundance Ski Patrol since 2003. He is the Snow Safety Supervisor and IC, as well as a UDOT Avalanche Forecaster and WBR Tester and instructor.







Shannon Finch

Shannon & Leif


Leif (pronounced Leaf) is an English Shepherd and started his career at Sundance as a 10 week old puppy in December of 2012. Leif weighs 45 pounds and has a soft tri-colored fur coat and loves to play in the snow. Some of Leif's favorite tricks are, high fives, rolling over, jumping, crawling and acting shy. Last season Leif learned about the day-to-day activities that come with being on the Sundance Ski Patrol. He learned to ride the ski lift and on a snowmobile, how to safely ski with his handler Shannon, how to perform basic searches, and he learned that being an avalanche dog is pretty fun! This season Leif and Shannon have a lot of work to do, with plans to test as a Level A dog team in early March. This year you'll see them working together out on the hill. Please feel free to watch Leif in action should you come to a practice session, but be sure to approach Shannon first if you want to say hi to Leif . Leif would love to meet you and give you a high five.




Marshall & Trip

Shannon Finch


Trip is a Golden Retriever pup born in August of 2013. When he isn't lounging in the top shack or riding chairlifts at Sundance, he can be found watching TV from his bed at home usually snuggled up with his two best friends, Jax and Lyla. He loves to chew on gloves, roll in the snow, bug Angus, and play with Leif. This is his first year as part of the dog team and is working hard on obedience and simple searches in preparation for his Level A test next year. Trip loves kids and is eager to play anytime. Marshall has been on the Sundance Ski Patrol since the 2011/12 ski season. He was also a certified paramedic and ski patrolled at another resort prior to coming to Sundance.