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Single Day Individual: $49
Full Week: $210
Single Day Sibling: $44
Full Week Sibling: $175

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One time $30 fee includes

Kids Camp T-Shirt

Kids Camp Backpack

Kids Camp Water Bottle

Kids Camp Journal

June 2 - August 8, 2014
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


5-12; Group activities for 5-8 and 9-12 year olds


Snacks and water will be provided. A Sundance Lunch can be preordered or campers can bring lunches from home.



Camp Leader to Camper ratio of 1:8



Camp space is limited and advance reservations are required.






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kids camp

The Sundance Kids Camp is an active, nature day camp that offers campers a unique and memorable experience each day. Our highly trained camp leaders have experience in art education, nature education, outdoor recreation, backcountry guiding, dance, language education, wilderness rescue and more. Our camp activities will be inspired by weekly themes and will include opportunities for the following:


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Active Play

All campers will have the opportunity to participate in physical activities such as kids yoga, hiking, obstacle courses, dancing, games, water play, scavenger hunts and relays. To meet the interests of all campers, the length and intensity of hikes will be changed from day to day with no more than 2 long hikes planned per week.



Arts & Music

Each day of Camp will also include a form of artistic exploration such as painting, drawing, jewelry making, found object collages, printmaking, culinary art experimentation or theater performance. We will also use music throughout the day to provide comfort, stimulation and education.


Environmental Awareness

To foster a sense of wonder and help Campers develop a personal relationship with the environment, a key component of the Sundance Kids Camp will be environmental education. Using resources from the Council for Environmental Education and American Forest Foundation we will introduce the topics of wildlife, ecology, habitats, communities, land and resource use and the human role in the environment. Activities will be based on our weekly theme and will include games, art-based activities, physical movement, social interaction, as well as math and science concepts.



We are excited to incorporate Exploration time into our Camp! We know that children most enjoy learning when they are allowed to follow their interests and Sundance Kids Camp Exploration time will allow Campers that valuable opportunity. Each afternoon, Campers will be encouraged to come up with their own “experiments” using available materials and will be guided by Camp Leaders to investigate a topic related to the Camp theme. Campers may decide to create their own fossils, see the world that exists in a drop of pond water under a microscope or test their eyesight against a hawk’s. Even our youngest Campers will enjoy this chance for hands-on Exploration!



Each camper will receive a Kids Camp Journal to be used for field notes during hikes, to make maps, for sketching, Exploration observations and to write their thoughts or ideas. Journals also allow Campers to share what they did at Camp with their parents. Time will be given at the end of each day for campers to reflect on the activities of the day, using their journal in any way they choose.


Optional Excursions

Mountain Biking

9-12 year-old campers can participate in this optional 90 minute excursion. The cost is $24, which includes bike, helmet, trail pass, lift ticket and guide. They will also be given instructions on trail riding. Campers will be supervised at all times by a trained mountain biking guide as well as a Kids Camp Leader. Campers who are not participating in the mountain biking excursion will continue in the normally-scheduled Kids Camp activities


Horseback Riding

9-12 year-old campers can participate in this optional excursion. The cost for this excursion is $50, which includes horse, helmet, trail pass and guide. Campers will be given basic instructions on trail riding. They will participate in a 1 hour ride on beautiful Sundance Mountain Resort trails. Campers will be supervised at all times by a trained guide from the Sundance Stables as well as a Kids Camp Leader. No previous riding experience is necessary to participate. Campers who are not participating in the horseback riding excursion will continue in the normally-scheduled Kids Camp activities

2014 Schedule and Themes

June 2-6 Animal Adventures
Campers will explore many native animal species, make casts of tracks, examine insects and use animals as a source of inspiration for art. They will also interact with rescued wildlife and learn about how humans and other animals are connected.


June 9-13 Fit & Fun
Campers will have fun doing healthy outdoor activities like yoga, hiking, biking, relays, martial arts and obstacle courses. They will learn why it is important to be active and healthy. Campers will also participate in fun activities aimed at improving their social and emotional wellness, such as cooperative games and art exploration.


June 16-20 Art in Nature
Campers will find inspiration from all that Sundance has to offer, exploring the forests, streams, meadows, mountains, Native American traditions and wildlife. Campers will also explore culinary, dance, music and theatrical arts.


June 23-27 Science in Nature
Campers will explore natural science in plant and animal life, weather, geology and their own bodies by engaging in fun and interesting experiments. Campers will design and conduct their own experiments, with the help of Camp Leaders, based on personal learning interests.


June 30-July 3 Camp Out
Campers will practice basic outdoor camping skills, learn about Leave No Trace, explore local plant and animal species, and create fun activities to use on their next family camping trip!


July 7-11 Water World
Campers will get wet in this week of water exploration! They will learn about water eco-systems, including the streams, ponds and riparian zones of Sundance and cool off with water obstacle courses and games.

They will examine species that depend on a healthy water supply to survive and consider how humans influence water supplies.

July 14-18 Eco Rangers
Campers will learn how they can help their local, regional and global eco-community by participating in recycling , plantings and other projects. Campers will also play games, create art, enjoy music and have fun!


July 21-25 Survivor Kids
Campers will learn wilderness survival basics to use when camping and hiking, including basic first aid skills. They will meet the Sundance Rescue Team, including our awesome avalanche dogs, and learn how they train to save lives. Campers will also play games, go on scavenger hunts and create cool art.

July 28-Aug 1 Wasatch Wild
This camp is all about the uniqueness of the Wasatch Mountains. Through stories, games, nature hunts and art campers will learn about the area and explore native plants and animals. They will learn about Native American heritage and explore the cultural traditions of the area’s earliest inhabitants.


Aug 4-8 Science Rocks
Campers will discover the geology of Sundance and learn the history of Mt. Timpanogos. They will explore the canyon for fossils, participate in a simulated fossil “dig,” and perform experiments and play games to understand concepts of earth science. They will explore how humans and animals have adapted to the geological features of the environment.


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