Artisan Charcuterie cured local meats, utah cheeses, countr olives, honeycomb  $17

Hummus Crudite tabbouleh, roasted sweet peppers, olives, feta, pita  $14

Southwest Tuna Tartar avocado, jicama, chipotle aioli, corn tostadas  $16

Truffle Mac n Cheese white truffle oil, herbed panko bread crumbs  $14

soups & salads

Tortilla Soup  $7

Soup of the Day   $7


Butter Leaf champagne vinaigrette, fine herbs  $9

Caesar aged parmesan, white anchovy, garlic croutons  $9

Heirloom Tomato mozzarella, basil, aged balsamic  $12

Roasted Beet goat cheese, horseradish, watercress, fennel  $11

Endive blue cheese, walnuts, watercress, champagne vinaigrette  $13


           Add chicken $6

           Add salmon $10



San Marzano Tomato mozzarella, basil  $17

Veggie tomato, olives, spinach, red peppers  $!7

Prosciutto fig, goat cheese, arugula  $19

BBQ Chicken red onion, rapini  $18


Fried Chicken bacon & scallion waffle, spicy maple syrup  $28

Wild Salmon chick peas, broccoli, piquillo peppers, red & green beans, jicama  $36

Filet Mignon asparagus, mashed potatoes, red wine reduction  $44

Local Utah Trout mushrooms, arugula, fingerling potatoes, roasted lemon, vinaigrette  $30

Pork Chop corn, sweet peppers, pickled red onion, black kale, pork jus  $29

Marinated Portobello Mushroom summer vegetables, quinoa, balsamic reduction  $25

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf mashed potato, green beans  $27

Garganelli Pasta english peas, heirloom cherry tomatoes, mint  $27

Beef Brisket cheddar grits, braised greens  $27

Foundry Grill Beef Burger shaved red onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle  $15



Mushrooms  $6

Summer Vegetables  $6

Asparagus  $6

Mashed Potatoes  $6

Green Beans  $6

Garlic, Regular, or Sweet Potato Fries  $6


Foundry Grill Chef Tim Anderson



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Our beef is All Natural, humanely raised from Myer Beef of Montana

Indicates Heart Healthy Options
One Check for Parties of 6 or More
A 19% Gratuity May Be Added to Parties of 6 or More
Consumer advisory warning: “The consumption of raw or undercooked red meats, eggs, or other food may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.”