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Email: HR@sundance-utah.com
Phone: 801.223.4274
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Human Resources

8841 N. Alpine Loop Road

Sundance, UT 84604


Human Resources is located
in the back half of the ticket
office at the resort. See map


Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm


Sundance is an equal opportunity employer, a drug-free work place, and environmentally responsible work force.

sundance employment FAQs

Our guests expect the highest level of hospitality from our employees. Our employees want to work with the best. To this end, Sundance Resort sets high standards for employees. All guests, co-workers, and supervisors are to be treated with respect, dignity, honesty, and courtesy. Our standards also address personal appearance, attendance, dress code, performance, ethical conduct, with a requirement to follow procedures and exceed guest expectations in a positive manner. (Please click here to review the Personal Appearance Policy).


We are a drug and alcohol free workplace
Sundance Resort is committed to providing a safe environment for employees and guests. All employees must agree to our drug and alcohol testing policy upon accepting employment and refrain from engaging in illegal activity.


We are an environmentally responsible workforce
Since 1969 Sundance Resort has demonstrated leadership in living and working responsibly with our natural environment. Each job description has an environmental commitment. Setting and achieving environmental goals is a significant part of the annual review process. Each employee is expected to do his/her part in supporting and living our commitment to the environment.


We are an equal opportunity employer
Sundance resort does not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.


Our Mission
Create the Sundance Experience


Our Culture
We are in the business of inspiring discovery and changing lives. Why we do it... We love people and want to help them create special memories. We love the land. We want to be a model for balancing Art, Nature, Recreation and Commerce. We constantly strive for a sustainable business. We are responsible members of our community. We want to honor and uphold the Sundance legacy and the values of our founder. To be the change we want in the world.


Our Tenets
The promise of inspiring discovery and changing lives is something we each take personally, that’s why I promise to...
Own It!
Be Inclusive!


Please ask yourself these questions prior to applying:

  • Do you like people?
  • Are you friendly?
  • Will you go out of your way to make our guests feel welcome?
  • Will you smile and be proactively helpful to guests, co-workers, and supervisors?
  • Are you cooperative and positive especially in stressful and busy situations?
  • Can you report to work on time, when scheduled, in proper uniform, prepared, and ready to perform your job responsibilities?
  • Will you uphold our guiding principles, service standards, environmental commitment, policies and procedures?
  • Are you excited to represent Sundance Resort in a positive manner?
  • Will you commit to leaving Sundance Resort better than you found it?


If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, we are anxious for you to complete the application process.

I Agree No, Thank You